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Roselie Bones

Roselie Bones, a visionary entrepreneur and trailblazer in health and beauty, founded two distinct ventures: Deja Vu Spa, a haven for premium services, and The Beauty Therapists Massage Institute, an esteemed school. With 40+ years' experience and a healthcare management master's degree, Roselie sets elevated standards in both realms.

Beginning as a global medical aesthetician, massage therapist, and cosmetologist, Roselie's passion for beauty led to ',' her online store for innovative beauty, wellness, and education products.

Committed to customer satisfaction, Roselie refines offerings based on feedback, tailoring experiences. Her curated skincare line and health products reflect her dedication.

Embrace a transformative self-care journey at Deja Vu Spa and gain expertise at The Beauty Therapists Massage Institute, where tranquility, rejuvenation, and learning await, guided by Roselie and her team.

With passion, expertise, and a profound understanding of the human spirit, Roselie Bones inspires, uplifts, and lets you discover your inner essence.

"Unlock inner beauty through our journey of self-discovery, guided by Roselie Bones at Deja Vu Spa and The Beauty Therapists Massage Institute. Explore innovative products at"

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These folks are amazing they work so hard to provide excellent customer service and with the affordable prices I'm not sure how they stay afloat, I'm talking 75% off the typical price of a Brazilian blowout! The spa is clean and calming and well located easy to find and I could tell from the moment I walked in that their number one priority was my satisfaction, and that's something you don't see that much anymore. I will definitely be returning!